Leadership Pathway (Exponential 02)

We are reading Dave and Jon Ferguson’s book, Exponential, as part of our staff meetings the next couple months here at Eastbrook Church. One of the most helpful and challenging concepts in their book is the very specific leadership pathway that they have developed for Community Christian Church and the New Thing Network.

I asked the staff to grapple with two questions:

1) What is your next step/level on the leadership pathway? What do you need to do to get there?

2) Who will be your apprentice?

4 thoughts on “Leadership Pathway (Exponential 02)

  1. Seems like an excellent model… As long as it looks more like a tree growing out, and doesn’t turn into a model of burocracy… I.e. at the end of the day can you hold the napkin parallel to the ground, in front of your eyes so it’s a line not a square, and honestly recognize this is the out relative level in value in God’s eyes.
    Other questions: do the arrows go both ways?
    Is the “pastor, director, coach” still accessible to the individual, or do they (at least feel like) they have to go through all the steps upward to access people in those level of roles?

    • Sarah, I agree with you that we need to see this as a horizontal plane before God, not a statement about value in God’s eyes. Where we are on this leadership pathway does not say anything about our approval by God or lack thereof. God has each of us in different places according to our calling and our season of life.

      Regarding your second question, I believe you are asking a valid question that this pathway doesn’t really address. According to the pathway, the primary relationships for mentoring are immediately above and below you. At the same time, I would imagine that people are not cut off from one another outside of that.

  2. Makes sense. those are my thoughts… in rhetorical question format. I get where the diagram is going (2 Tim 2:2ish)– the question form of hoping that the people are still accessible. The second question is more of a design related one: with the arrows going up it looks like thats who the person underneath reports to/is responsible to… if the arrows went the other way it gives off more of a feeling of being poured into/served/invested in. At the end of the day, I think the arrows need to go both ways for a successful mentoring scenario;)

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