Intentional Apprenticing (Exponential 01)

We are reading Dave and Jon Ferguson’s book, Exponential, as part of our staff meetings the next couple months here at Eastbrook Church.

The Fergusons are huge advocates of what I would call ‘intentional apprenticing’. Intentional apprenticing is the process by which we help people grow with God or in their ministry through focused means and ways. In fact, the Fergusons encourage us to replace the word ‘disciple’ with the word ‘apprentice’ because it better reflects the meaning of the Greek word ‘μαθητής’. Jesus called people to become His disciples, it is true, but what that word truly conveys is being a learner or apprentice of a teacher’s way of life.

Although it is possible for discipleship or apprenticeship to happen unintentionally, that is not the ideal manner for growth to happen. In my life, the times where I have grown most with God or in ministry are when someone has specifically taken interest to pour into my life through formal and informal mentoring.

The authors present a process for intentional apprenticeship that is both practical and progressive in the book. You can take a look at it to the right.

Do you agree that the best method for growth is intentional apprenticeship, or not?

What do you like best about the process for apprenticeship that the Fergusons outline here?

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