Risky Faith

This coming weekend at Eastbrook I will begin a new series entitled “Risky Faith.”

When Jesus came into our world, He gave His very life that we might be brought back to God. Jesus does not call people into a comfortable or safe religion.  Instead, Jesus beckons His followers into a faith that risks. It is a faith filled with adventure, joy, and surprising possibilities. It is a faith that takes us beyond safety and control into the unknown depths of full life with the living God.  It is a life of risky faith that will go where He sends us and do what He calls us to do, no matter the cost.

April 28/29 – “Step Out” – Joshua 1:1-11

May 5/6 – “Ordinary Offerings” – 1 Samuel 1:1-28

May 12/13 – “Walk on the Waves” – Matthew 14:22-36

2 thoughts on “Risky Faith

  1. Looking forward to this!!!!! Thanks for how you allow the LORD to use you. So enjoyed the LV LETTERS series.

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