Unexpected: The Story of Ruth

This coming weekend, we begin a series at Eastbrook Church called “Unexpected: The Story of Ruth.”

God is always at work in the world and our lives. Some times it is easier to see that than other times. The Old Testament book of Ruth tells the story of God’s work in the very ordinary lives of Ruth, her mother-in-law Naomi, and a distant relative named Boaz. Through God’s unexpected work in their lives we get a picture of how God is at work in unexpected ways in our lives.

I will be teaching for this entire series, and the series outline is as follows:

June 9/10: God in Unexpected Circumstances
Texts: Ruth 1:1-22
Summary: What do we do when everything goes wrong? Where do we turn when all our hopes and plans are dashed? We cannot control our circumstances but we do have an opportunity to respond to them. Naomi and Ruth experience disaster but still take steps toward an unknown future in faith.

June 16/17: God in Unexpected Answers
Texts: Ruth 2:1-23
Summary: Naomi and Ruth’s return to Bethlehem opens the doorway to help from a distant relative named Boaz. Ruth’s simple steps of action and Boaz’s gracious provision show God’s unexpected work in our lives.

June 23/24: God in Unexpected Risks
Texts: Ruth 3:1-18
Summary: Ruth reverses the expected roles of relationships with a risky request of Boaz. What happens when we take risks in response to God’s leading like Ruth? God is at work even in those bold steps we take.

June 30/July 1: God in Unexpected Joy
Texts: Ruth 4:1-12
Summary: Ruth’s risk moves Boaz into action. Neither had expected what was now transpiring in their lives. With thoughtful steps, Boaz opens a new doorway in their lives filled with unexpected joy.

July 7/8: God’s Ways in Unexpected Outcomes
Texts: Ruth 4:13-22
Summary: We do not see the whole picture of God’s activity from where we stand. He is working out something bigger than us. Ruth experienced this. God wove her need for survival and love for Boaz into something bigger that He was doing: bringing a godly leader to His people in the future king, David. What might God be doing in our lives as we take ordinary steps with Him each day?


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