Resources on the Gospel of Mark

As I prepare my messages each week this Fall in our series, The Real Jesus, I utilize a number of resources alongside of my direct study of the Bible. Some are basic and others are academic. While I often turn to specific books or articles for each week’s text or topic, here are five resources that I regularly turn to and wanted to share.

  • The Gospel of Mark (The New International Greek Testament Commentary) by R. T. France – an academic commentary directly from the Greek text that is weighty yet accessible. France’s commentary is the one I chose this time for my study through Mark’s Gospel.
  • Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels edited by Joel B. Green, Scot McKnight, and I. Howard Marshall – this is part of the widely acclaimed InterVarsity Press Bible dictionary series. I turn to this for deeper research on topics such as the Pharisees, the Kingdom of God, or an overview of the Gospel of Mark.
  • Simply Jesus by N. T. Wright – While not specifically on the Gospel of Mark, Wright does an apt job of giving an overview of the life and ministry of Jesus. This is a more popular rendition from his more academic works, like Jesus and the Victory of God.
  • King’s Cross by Tim Keller – Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I have a great appreciation for Tim Keller as a pastor who ministers in the urban setting with both a thoughtful mind and a personal concern. King’s Cross is Keller’s overview book on the Gospel of Mark.
  • Here Comes Jesus by Ed Stewart – This book was passed along to me by one of my staff members and has been a very helpful look in a straightforward manner at Mark’s Gospel. I don’t know who Ed Stewart is but this book is a small treasure of pastoral insight.

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