I was standing on the edge of a mountain in central Honduras, looking over the hazy, green slopes of the valley. There were just over a dozen of us who had given up our Spring Break at college to work alongside of local Hondurans to install a gravity-fed water system in this remote village.

It had been a tiring week: hard work on mountainous terrain all day, meetings with the community at night, cold nights on damp floors, waking early to the sound of roosters crowing and dogs barking.
But as I stood gazing at the valley, I realized something was happening. My perspectives on what was important had begun to change. My work partner, Narciso, had opened my eyes to gratitude and joy in life. His contentment with what seemed like so little and his joy in Christ challenged me. I began to see through some of the ‘stuff’ of my life and culture that was blocking me from true living with gratitude and joy.
Today, as we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, let’s keep perspective on life.
May we remember the gifts of everyday life (food, shelter, friends, family) for what they are: gifts from God.
And may we remember the ultimate gift of life with God in Jesus Christ for what it is: complete grace.

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