New Year’s Resolutions?

Man's hand pointing on street mapThis morning, I was chatting over coffee with some guys that I meet with every Wednesday morning. As we were catching up on the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, one guy asked if anyone had any New Year’s resolutions? It was a good question that led us into some meaningful conversation about what is important to us this coming year.

So, I thought I’d ask my online community a similar set of questions:

  • Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
  • Are there certain things that you want to give greater attention to in this coming year?
  • Is there something you are taking on as a theme for this new year?

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. Greetings Matt
    My New Year’s resolutions are start to discipline myself in journaling every morning one kernal of God’s truth and practicing to speak daily with the use of the Spanish language. I want to pay attention to God’s word that gives me hope to cut down the lies of doubt and fear. Also,I want to spend time renewing my memory in the Spanish language in hope of returning to Guatemala this Spring with my wife. The new theme for this New Year is there is always hope for renewal in God. Thanks always for the prayers that you post. Blessings,Jon

  2. Rather than do resolutions I choose a word for the year. My word for this year is perseverance. A good one, don’t you think?

    • Jan, I like this idea. I’ve been listening and pondering for the last week or so to hear what my focus should be this year. I’m eager to find out.

  3. Great question Matt.
    I no longer have a new years resolution. Last year I choose a word. I am still praying but I think God is telling me my word could be Listen. I am definately going to spend more time listening to My Father.

    • I love the idea of picking a word for the year. Another friend of mine also does this, instead of specifically taking up resolutions. May God grow you in listening this year. What a great theme.

  4. My theme for the next year is to remove fear from my life by trusting the LORD. He is trustworthy and faithful and keeps all his promises- so why be afraid? The verse I have chosen to start 2013 with is Isaiah 35:3-4
    Strengthen the feeble hands,
    Steady the knees that give way;
    Say to those with fearful hearts,
    Do not be afraid.
    Your God will come, He will come with vengeance and divine retribution
    He will come and save you.

  5. Our family has a tradition of celebrating a special epiphany dinner where we all ponder ways to grow in wisdom and stature, by considering how we can be like the wisemen and offer something ourselves to Jesus. We do this by writing down three ways we’re willing to surrender/serve/grow on separate pieces of paper, which are placed in three different boxes. (The boxes stay in our dining room all year long. Together, we individually focus on these areas of our lives month after month.; encouraging / challenging / reminding one another.) It’s been a meaningful tradition for us. I have saved all the pieces of paper through the years, for they are treasured reflections!

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