World Watch List for Persecution

Open Doors has just published the 2013 World Watch List, a ranking of the top 50 countries around the world where persecution of Christians is the most severe. Along with this, Open Doors is challenging believers here in the West to take the Five Minute Challenge. Watch the video below and download the World Watch List here.


[For further reflections on persecution of Christians, read my other posts: ““Who Will Defend Mideast Christians?“, “Christian Flight from Syria“, or “Global Violence Against Christians on the Rise?“]

2 thoughts on “World Watch List for Persecution

  1. great little video Matt…not only can we carve out 5 minutes to focus our prayer…but we can also pray and focus our minds/spirit while doing the mundane things that take 5 minutes…thanks for posting.

    • Thanks, Jeff, for pointing out the tension between set-time prayer and prayer without ceasing. You see both of these as key aspects of the life of prayer in God’s church and individual believers.

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