Francis Chan on Discipleshift

Francis Chan took us into a heartfelt discussion of discipleship and pastoral ministry in the second main session of the Exponential 2013 conference. My notes are included below:

Seeing some of the things I used to say – how bold and direct it was – I realized that I had slipped in some areas

A lot of what we do in the church in North America is just not congruent with what we read in the Bible

I worry that a lot of those attending church are actually not believers and are going to hell

1 Thess 1:4 – “I know…you have been chosen by God because our gospel came to you with power and the Holy Spirit and conviction…you became imitators of us and The Lord…you became an example…”

Do you actually still believe that the Holy Spirit can come into a person’s life by the power of the message and that they can have a transformation of life

There’s something about the simple message…sometimes we don’t do that because we’re not sure that God is not going to come through…so we live in a safety zone from our own strength

People are ready to snap…and we have to make disciples so that people will be able to stand strong and have hope…”to live is Christ and to die is gain”

“strengthen what remains and is about to die” (Revelation 3:2)

“get back to your joy in Jesus, return to the simple message, and be bold”

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