Pastor Wilfredo ‘Choco’ de Jesus on Multi-Ethnic Church

The second speaker in our pre-conference session was Pastor Wilfredo ‘Choco’ de Jesus of New Life Covenant Church in Chicago. He spoke with him via Skype because he was selected as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people this year.

Here are my brief notes from that conversation:

The language of heaven is love, not Spanish, English, or some other language

It’s not something you strategically do, but who you are – a people of love

Need to know those in our community who are hurting – find the need and fill it

Look for creative ways to serve into some of the existing ministries and serving sites of the city

“The sign of a healthy church is not their seating capacity but their sending capacity” – Rick Warren

May 13-15: Jumpstart conference in Chicago

The method is not sacred, but the message is sacred

Do outreaches to get people involved

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