Rich Wilkerson, Sr, on Multi-Ethnic Church

The third session from the multi-ethnic church pre-conference session was led by Rich Wilkerson, Sr., of Trinity Church in Miami. Rich brought a lot of passion and stories into this session so it was hard to take in-depth notes on it. But here are the note from that session:

Don’t make it hard for people (hinder them) to come to Jesus – can’t we just love them?

Are we willing to go to the hard city centers or will we simply settle for the safe suburbs?

Will we embrace fear? – are you more concerned/terrified by the conditions around you or by the power of the God you serve?

Will we embrace the poor? – it’s okay to have an aspect of your ministry touch the poor but will you let the poor into the church?

Will we embrace the immoral? – it’s a way of life for so many people?

Will we embrace strategic alliance? – even joining with people with whom you will not normally be on the same page

Threefold mission:
Win the Lost – outreach (Mark 16:15; Romans 10:14)
Help the Poor – compassion (Matthew 14:14)
Teach abundant living – abundance

Prayer life at Trinity:
Saturday – sabbath prayer (40-50)
Wednesday – noon prayer (150) – circle makers prayer; 6 x 10 minute breaks, including praise, intercession, meditation, warfare prayer

You cannot live in the good without servant leadership, and a plan for developing those sorts of leaders – forming people

Trinity DNA
Every 3rd Wednesday
10 minutes of teaching

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