Craig Groeschel on From Leading to Being Led

Craig Groeschel of brought a great second session today at Exponential 2013 on the topic of “From Leading to Being Led.” Craig brought a great honesty to the session while keeping it focused not on us but God’s glory and power.

Here are my notes from Craig’s session:

I started serving the church but I was also losing my service of the Savior

“The way I was doing the work of God was destroying the work of God in me.” – Bill Hybels

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out”

Before you can become an effective leader of people, you must be a passionate follower of Christ.

Obstacles to being a follower first:
1) you are more concerned with what people think than what God thinks – becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forgot what God thinks about you; your God is now too small; “you cannot please everyone but I can please God”

2) you are more concerned with your public image than your private devotion: I started acting and playing a role even though I wasn’t actually living out of that place; “I had become a full-time pastor and a part-time follower of Christ”; are we honoring God with our lips but our hearts are far from Him?; “it’s the things that no one sees that results in what everyone wants” – the behind-the-scenes tough decisions, the late hour times before God in prayer, the ache for the lost, the times of repentance before God

3) you are more concerned with bringing people in than bringing glory to God: I came to a point where I was concerned about attendance and how could I craft sermon series to bring people in instead of building people up; “if you blame yourself for the declines, then you’ll take credit for the increases”

Three levels of leadership:

MAKE HISTORY – belief: “God alone is good” – enemy: Satan, the prince of darkness


MAKE A DIFFERENCE – belief: “we’re good” – enemy: those in our field


MAKE A NAME – belief: “I’m good” – enemy: everyone who competes

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