Chris Hodges on From Teaching to Modeling

Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL, brought some inspiring words about discipleship on the topic of moving from teaching to modeling. Here are my notes below:

What do healthy churches do differently? They are life-giving!

Youth pastor discipled him – “discipling is mining the gold that is within someone; you need to see what they don’t see and call it out”

Dad discipled him: didn’t know a lot but invested what he did know

Greg Surratt discipled him: supported and believed in the church planting vision

“You are the sum total of your relationships”

Discipleship is both intentional (you see a person with potential and you try to move people from ‘here’ to ‘there’; intentional journey) and relational (it’s not what you know but who you know; “discipleship is not a curriculum but a person”)

4 parts of your life:
1) Arena – the part of your life that everyone knows
2) Mask – the part of your life that you know but others don’t know
3) Blind spots – the part of your life that others know but you don’t know
4) Potential – the part of your life that only God knows

The devil works overtime on our relationships so that he can prevent us from moving into our potential created by God

“You’ll never acheive your potential until you settle the wounds of yesterday”

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