Randy Frazee on From Assimilating to Creating Community

Randy Frazee has written and spoken about community within the life of the church for years. His book, The Connecting Church, shaped my own thinking about life in the church in meaningful ways. Now serving at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, where Max Lucado was previously the Senior Pastor, Randy continues to have influence in this area. I was impressed by his thoughtful approach to the topic at hand. You can read my notes below on his message:

1. Effective assimilation requires formation
– we need an assimilation plan & pathways to help people get connected
– we need even more a spiritual formation plan that helps people grow into the great ideas/truths for God
– what is the spiritual formation plan you have for your congregation?
– loving God & loving neighbor; core beliefs, core practices, core virtues

2. Effective formation requires accountability
– not just in-your-face accountability, but that support and responsibility of relationships
– accountability to what?: Acts 2:42 – koinonia –
– accountability without mutually shared beliefs leads to spiritual abuse
– E. D. Hirsch, Cultural Literacy
– does your congregation know and live into your spiritual formation plan?

3. Effective accountability requires community
– we were created for community; it is testified to within Scripture and also now in science and sociologist
– not just general community, but a specific type of community: organic not just organized
– Organized community is contractual and not overlapping in natural settings
– Organic community is communitarian – people who live in the same space we occupy (e.g., family, neighbors, etc.)
– the church in Acts met ‘daily’ according to Acts 2
– what is the architecture of your community design that fosters accountability through natural overlaps?

4. All of this begins with you.

“I have discovered that if I let God have His way with me and trust my position with Christ, then I could partner with others and have more fun.”

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