Wayne Cordeiro on From Teaching to Modeling

Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Church in Hawaii continued on the theme of moving from teaching to modeling. Wayne brought a focused and straightforward message about discipleship. My notes are below:

2 Timothy 2:2 – from teaching to modeling
Mark 3 – appointing the 12; “to be with him”

“a mind will reach a mind; but only a heart will reach a heart”

a recent study identified that technology was the greatest gift to the church in this era, but our risk is to become entirely impersonal

But reproduction does not happen until we get up close with each other; discipleship needs to be life on life

In these days, it’s easier to duplicate than to incarnate – discipleship is incarnating life

We hold in our hands the potential of the church of tomorrow

Learn the regimen of people who are moving forward with Christ

We have a hurry-up mentality in America…but discipleship cannot be hurried

Start one-on-one; you may not be one in a million, but there is a million in you

One on many -> one on one -> many on one

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