5 thoughts on “What is Your Prayer for Our Nation Today?

  1. Pray against fear and the selfishness that often drives fear. Pray for open, honest and healthy discussions of issues with postures of concern for truth and understanding; with genuine love for one another, even for those who have opposing viewpoints. Pray that Christians can lead the way in this kind of dialog and can demonstrate Christ’s love through actions. Pray for servant hearted leaders rather than ego driven leaders. Pray for educated voters rather than politically driven voters. Pray for compassion for others in the world rather than power over others in the world. Pray for good stewardship of our resources rather than a hunger for more things.
    May the believers live knowing that God is our King, so that others may see and know so too.

  2. My prayer is that we as whole country would bow down and worship the holiness and majesty of God. Praise Him from the depth of my soul. Give thanks for His love for me and the nations. Amen

  3. Jesus, have mercy on us. Strengthen your people to shine your light into the dark places. Break the hold that this world has on all of our hearts and draw us to walk closely with you. Guide us, protect us and make us aware of Your ways and Your presence.

  4. The Govenor’s Prayer Breakfast was inspiring. Jolinda Wade (Dwyane’s mother) told her story of deliverance from addiction. Fear drove her addiction. Fear of rejection and desire for popularity. She started with drink to overcome self-conscious shyness, and ended up in crack cocaine and heroin. That she is alive today is a miracle. Made me think I need to pray for recovery from fear-motivated addictions in our country, and recovery of trust in government. Distrust is dominant, and policy is driven by a desire for government benefits.

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