The Treasure Principle book giveaway

the-treasure-principleAs we concluded our “Real Rich” series at Eastbrook this past weekend, I wanted to share a simple resource for those who want to keep digging into the topic of what it means to be really rich and also steward our finances wisely to honor God.

Randy Alcorn has a brief book entitled The Treasure Principle, which offers six key principles to understanding how we can view our finances appropriately and live in light of eternity. I am giving away one free copy of this book to one person selected at random from those who respond via my blog, Facebook or Twitter to this question:

What is one way you want to grow in honoring God with your finances?

6 thoughts on “The Treasure Principle book giveaway

  1. By faithfully tithing and living below my means (something that always needs work and reminder of my past financial challenges – business now closed).

  2. By taking a more disciplined approach to my/our giving beyond our tithe. There are so many good, faith-based organizations – and they all need money to carry out their ministries. Do we send a small amount to several or larger amounts to a select few? Local? National? International? These are some of the things we’re working through to ensure that we are honoring God with our financial resources.

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