Real Rich

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Join us in January at Eastbrook Church as we journey through a new sermon series entitled “Rich.”

What does it mean to be rich? We see get-rich-quick schemes all around us, and the lottery is more popular than it ever has been. But…what does it mean to really be rich? As we start the year, we want to redefine ‘rich’ biblically and order our lives accordingly according to themes of generosity and stewardship of all that God has given us. Hopefully, we can enter into deeper conversation and reflection about what we have and what to do with it.

January 4/5 – “His” – God owns everything. All that we have has been given to us by Him. We are temporary stewards of God’s treasure on behalf of God.

January 11/12 – “Mine” – If God owns everything and we are temporary stewards, we should steward what He has given us wisely. This week we will look at aligning our finances with kingdom values. We will explore the topic of the tithe as a basic move in giving back to God what He has given to us.

January 18/19 – “Less” – What is enough? One famous wealthy individual said: “just a little bit more.” But perhaps the elusive ‘enough’ is something from which we need to step away. “Are we not prosperous enough already and missing a far richer life without the perpetual quest for needless economic growth?” What does it look like to live simply, have margin, and develop a God-honoring budget in our lives?

January 25/26 – “More” – There is something that happens when the radical nature of the Gospel gets ahold of every part of us, even our pocketbooks and bank accounts. When we realize the amazing generosity of God toward us, there is something freeing about moving forward in amazing generosity with God toward others.

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