Oscar Muriu on Viral Leadership

This week, our Leadership Team at Eastbrook viewed an inspiring and informative message by Oscar Muriu, Senior Pastor at Nairobi Chapel (Nairobi, Kenya). The message was entitled “Viral Leadership: Multiplying Impact Exponentially” and was given in August 2013 at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

In this message, Muriu shares his five convictions about leadership development:

  1. The size of your harvest depends on how many leaders you have (Matthew 9:37-38).
  2. Live for the next generation (Psalm 71:18).
  3. Identify the budding leaders around you and take them to God in prayer (Numbers 11:10-17).
  4. Instill the five loves into your budding leaders (Mark 12:30-33).
  5. Never do ministry alone – always have budding leaders around you (Acts 4:13).

It’s worth watching the entire message at this link, but you can view a five-minute excerpt of the talk below.



2 thoughts on “Oscar Muriu on Viral Leadership

  1. How wonderful and all encompassing that the Core of God is this dear Bothers’ anthem…. heartsoulmindstrengthAndNeighborasself + His ‘painting’ of that …is Beautiful . Thank you for sharing this. a d e k.

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  2. – I wanted to ask, why does church hopping occur so much here in USA. Is it because that person hasn’t been saved? Is it because the Christian parents didn’t educate them in having Bible study at home or is the family a superficial Christian family or all the families unbelievers so that’s why they hop to church to church. All I can tell, through Jesus, is who reads Bible and who doesn’t read bible daily.

    – I don’t know why, but as I serve in the welcome ministry and watch people during the service and help people finding seats or do offering or bring people to church. I can tell who fidgets in their seats or feels convicted or uncomfortable being at church. Some of these people of all ages even make excuse to leave to use bathroom, walk around the lobby, smoke outside somewhere, some have even brought alcohol in their coffee cups, water bottles to drink in their own breaks, some go to holy grounds to be on phone or sleep or pretend to sleep or read, and the rarest ones are the ones that actually get in their parents car or their car and drive around and come back to pick up the family or brother, sister, cousin, or spouse. This gives me insight on how to talk to them after church or even during the service. It’s so fun observing people in church in where they are at. It reminds of myself when I was a unbeliever or my friends pressuring me to leave the church service for a bit. I behaved this way when I was young by walking around outside, hanging out in the fancy bathroom, when to a coffee shop to read my text books, comics books, I brought to church, or drive around town. When I observe these fidgeting people, God is showing me that they need a friend to just listen to them and hang out with them so they can come back to church again and again so they don’t feel uncomfortable cause they made a friend in church and they listened to them. I think they might see some light and compassion from God when this is demonstrated. This encourages the person to come and to really listen to the message given by church pastors! When they listen and ask questions then I can answer more questions they have or lead them to someone who is more gifted to counsel them in what they are going through. This is when I understand that they see God a little and they don’t want to leave the church. It’s funny how God uses us for where He has placed us. This also encourages me to stay still and calms me to see where God wants me that moring in church.

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