God at Work message (discussion questions)

God at Work Series Gfx_ThumbHere are the discussion questions that accompany the message I delivered this past weekend at Eastbrook Church, “God at Work.” This was the first part of our series, “God at Work.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. When you hear the word “work” what comes into your mind?
  1. This weekend we begin a new series at Eastbrook entitled, “God at Work,” where we will explore vocation, the workplace, and approaching this all from a biblical perspective. Today, we will spend a lot of time in Genesis 1 and 3. Before starting this study, ask God to clearly speak to you in meaningful ways. Then, whether you are alone or with others, read Genesis 1 and 3 aloud.
  1. What would you say is the significance of the fact that the Bible begins with an example of God working?
  1. When you reflect on Genesis 1:1-25, what sort of activity and creativity do you see God involved with?\
  1. There is great meaning in humanity being made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). However, for our purposes in this study we want to focus on Genesis 1:28-30. This is sometimes called the Creation Mandate or Cultural Mandate because it expresses God’s intentions for humanity’s role and activity in the world. What do you see as the main elements of God’s calling for humanity in these verses? Why do you think this is important?
  1. What do you see in Genesis 1 about God’s original intention for work, reflected in His own activity and humanity’s calling?
  1. Now, let’s turn to Genesis 3. The disobedience of Adam and Eve leads to the natural consequences of God’s curse upon creation, including humanity. What are the main elements of that curse as seen in Genesis 3:14-19?
  1. What does the curse of Genesis 3 tell you about the realities we experience with work in our fallen world? How does this contrast with God’s original intention for work in Genesis 1?
  1. How do you personally struggle with work? What do your reflections on Genesis 1 & 3 tell you about that?
  1. What is one way God is speaking to you about your life at work or your understanding of work? If you are with a small group, discuss that with one another and pray about these things together. If you are studying on your own, write it down, pray about it, and share this with someone during the next few days.

[Next week: We continue our series, “God at Work,” by looking at the difficulties we face with work and how we deal with them. Ask God to speak to us through this series.]

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