Sunday Prayer 1

we are here
for You

whose Voice
thunders across the oceans
and shatters the trees,
which brings life
and can snuff it out

we are here
present and waiting
attending like servants
to a master

please, Lord, speak to us
guide, Lord
lead, Lord
strengthen, Lord
in Your ways
and for Your glory

that we might be
more fully Yours
in heart
and mind
and body

4 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer 1

  1. In the past as a orphan child in India when I prayed out loud crying in pain, as my sisters slept beside me on the streets, “whatever God who listens to my prayer request for the safety of my two sisters and a place where they wouldn’t be harmed but nurtured and cared for, then I would seek you out and find you.” That moment when I woke up to new a place, being the orphanage that I was adopted from, I praised this God, didn’t know it was the One God over all of creation. Even though sometimes the orphanage was the safest place, but it was better than the one we were in previously. I then, was so grateful for new family through adoption. It was painful inside, if messed up in anything, I mean anything. My whole 27 years of my life I tried to find him in physical ways, and needed proof like Thomas the Disciple/Apostle even in American churches I was very lost in knowing who and what are Christians, I always prayed He would show himself, He did! But not the way I expected. That December of 2012 with my Christian friend, right before my eyes, God gave me the whole timeline reflections of my life through real colored pictures of my life and the ways He revealed Himself through Christians, art, writings, and His heavenly angels too, but in those times in past, I did not know they were His good Angels(in past I’ve seen more demonic angels than God’s Angels on His side). He even answered my hard questions that no one could in the vision. He revealed His true people, even dead ones, but alive in Christ-like C.S. Lewis! Pastor Matt you’re sermons were in my vision. I want you to know that God is using who He wants in mighty ways through His way. This is why I’m so attached to the verse John 14:6. His ways are best and oh so powerful of might! The things He reveals now through visions and dreams I struggle because they are prayer requests of past things I didn’t know and also present and future visions with whom I’ll have contacts with and other things…they are for my good intentions but some things I have a hard time dealing with it, because I have to be strong through it, but God has provided Christians who believe in my visions and dreams, I hope more Christians will be willing to listen through Holy Spirit leading in compassion and encouraging ways. I’m so amazed by His prayer requests daily, that it is overwhelming and sometimes I struggle allowing others to bless me. I’m so grained to take care of people in unique ways. It’s not that I want to be blessed but it’s overwhelming and I want to give so much back to them by any means I can. It breaks me so much, that He saved me, I want to bless God so much, I don’t know how somedays and I desire so much that the brothers and sisters He brings in my life and those that have no idea who is, was, like I experienced and not knowing, but found Him, I pray daily, that they will find Him in mighty ways! He is above all!

  2. Sometimes it pains me, how Peter the apostle died because God revealed it to Him. My future stuff that will happen for suffering Christ, pains me too but it’s so encouraging to read about all the disciples from Old Testament to New Testament. I had no idea, I mean had some ideas, but as I look closer at their lives and mine, it’s not easy being a Christian, we are in such high regard as people watch us daily, cause they don’t know what they do. My next message for media will be on take taking things for granted.

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