The Significance of Incidental Healing

Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” (Luke 8:48)

The woman with the issue of blood is an incidental healing; a healing on the way from one miracle to another. In the flow of Jesus’ life and ministry, however, she is significant. While it appears as if Jesus’ power cannot be contained and that He ‘unintentionally’ heals her when she draws near by faith, there is clear intention from Jesus throughout the whole story.

Here is this woman who reaches out amidst the pressing crowd. She touches, not even Jesus Himself, but merely the edge of His cloak. After twelve years of the pain and isolation of her situation, in an instant it is resolved.

Even though the healing happens quietly, even unnoticeably, Jesus pauses to notice her and her healing publicly. He stops everything and searches for her. Heal first heals her physically, but carries on to heal her emotionally, socially, and spiritually. He identifies who she is and acknowledges the significance of her faith. He shows everyone that she is no longer unclean after these twelve years and speaks peace over her. The first wonder of the physical healing is amplified through the second wonder of the restoration.

Where do we need healing in our lives? Where do we need to reach out to Jesus for His power to be released into us? Where have we felt hidden and isolated? How might we need to let Jesus speak not only healing into us but significance and idntity over us?

Praise God for His recognition of our situations. There is nothing that is incidental or unnoticed to Him. He truly is the God who sees. And praise God for His power to bring healing and redemption through Jesus Christ. He truly is the God who saves.

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