Summer Break from Blogging

Dear friends, I will take a break from blogging over the next couple weeks. This gives me a chance not only to rest for a bit but also to think about my goals and plans for this bog in the coming year. Thanks to all those who read my blog regularly or occasionally, and for the interactions I frequently have with you via comments, social media, email, or in person. I look forward to returning to the blog in mid-July. In the meantime, enjoy this picture I took of a beautiful setting in northern Wisconsin a couple years ago.

3 thoughts on “Summer Break from Blogging

  1. Enjoy your time off with family and…
    I enjoy your daily blogs and save them for a month. Used to forever, but space …
    Always food for thought. I enjoy Mondays and your Sat. Reviews and when something happens in the news, I look forward to what you may say, not always pin pointing, but again room for thought. Thank you.
    I respect whatever you decide going forward. Life changes.

  2. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your break. Please also give our best to Kelly.
    Tom & Laurel

  3. Hi Matt-
    Enjoy your well deserved time off. Thank you for all your writings and sermons. I pray the Lord refreshes your mind and soul .
    The Lord bless your family and you,
    Sue Horton

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