The Harvest is Plentiful: a reflection on Matthew 9

The harvest is plentiful:
the demon-possessed by the tombs in the Gadarenes,
the paralytic lowered through the roof,
the tax collector cast-offs like Matthew,
the girl who died and her grieving parents,
the woman with the twelve-year hemorrhage,
the blind men looking for sight,
the man with demonically-caused muteness,
the crowds listening at the seaside,
the unnamed afflicted and sick and hungry…

The harvest is plentiful.
So pray to the Lord for workers
to go and work in the fields.
See the fields of your lives
filled with people longing for God’s kingdom.
Listen to the cries of their souls
that rise up all around us.
Draw near like Jesus
to know them and name them,
to touch their lives with compassion,
and speak gracious words of God’s and truth.

Lift up prayers to God
and let God make you an answer to your prayers.
As we live and move and have our being in God,
may we also bring life in Christ to others
in the fields of God’s great harvest.

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