Work and the Sluggard

This weekend at Eastbrook I concluded our series on Proverbs entitled “Words to Live By” with a message entitled “Work and the Sluggard.”

Throughout this series, we have been tracing themes through Proverbs and, believe it or not, sloth and laziness is a major theme of this book. It is caricatured in a person called “the sluggard.”

You can listen to my message online at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also subscribe to the Eastbrook podcast here or follow Eastbrook Church on Twitter.

My message outline is below.

A Portrait of the Sluggard and Sloth: six characteristics

  • All words but no action (13:23)
  • Slack in their work (18:9)
  • Too lazy even to eat (19:24; 28:15)
  • Their property is in ruins (24:30-34)
  • Making excuses from unfounded fears (26:13)
  • Chasing fantasies (12:1; 28:19)

The Results of Sloth

  • Living in poverty and scarcity (6:10-11; 19:15)
  • Lacking food and provision (12:27; 19:15)
  • Always craving more (13:4; 21:25-26)
  • The way is blocked (15:19)

The Opposite of the Sluggard and Sloth: five examples

  • The Ant (6:6-8)
  • The Farmer (10:4-5; 12:10-11; 28:19)
  • The Hunter (12:27)
  • The Servant (22:29)
  • The Judicious Wife (31:27)

For Us Today:

  • For those working
  • For those unemployed
  • For those at home
  • For those who are young

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