Installation Service

Last Saturday night was an amazing night for me as I was installed as the new Senior Pastor of Eastbrook Church. It was a powerful night of worship and prayer together as a community with many important mentors and friends joining with us. While there is so much I could say, I wanted to simply share just a few things related to the service.

First, I made a commitment to Eastbrook and Eastbrook made a commitment to me. Here is the text of that commitment, or charge, as it was given to me by the outgoing Senior Pastor, Marc Erickson.

Second, I offered a response near the end of the evening. Because I had prepared my thoughts ahead of time and written it out, I am posting that response here so that you can read it. I was a bit more extemporaneous in the moment, but this captures the gist of what I said.

Thirdly, some very good friends and mentors joined me to read Scripture and offer a message. My good friend, and church planting partner with Brooklife Church, Jason Webb, offered the installation message. It was a solid message that was both encouraging and challenging to all of us listening. You can listen to his message here, along with Scripture readings by other friends who were there. The slides that accompanied Jason’s message are available below for viewing.

3 thoughts on “Installation Service

  1. Pastor Matt!
    Congratulations on your new installment, and continued blessings on your ministry work with the body of Eastbrook church and beyond. May the Holy Spirit continue to be present in all you do!

  2. Very happy for you, and for Eastbrook. What a neat church! Praying for your family as you take your new role, and praying for the concert of the priesthood of all believers with whom you work and serve. Grace and peace be with you- So grateful WI/ Milwaukee area have Eastbrook church, and excited for you and your vision to be in the lead. Shalom-

  3. matt–thanks for posting this…in a tiny way i get to participate in this very special day for you and your family. thinking of you bro!

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