The God Who Is Just and Saves

This weekend at Eastbrook Church, we continued our series entitled “What Is God Like?” with a message entitled “The God Who Is Just and Saves.”

I built the sermon around the sense of longing that we all have within us for justice and mercy, and moved from there to look at the justice and mercy of God with special focus on the “Servant of the Lord” from Isaiah 42:1-9.

You can listen to my message online at the Eastbrook web-site here. If you heard it Saturday night, the message was quite a bit different near the end for Sunday morning, and my outline is fairly different from what you will find in the bulletin or online. I’ve included a revised outline below:

The Longings of Our Hearts

  • Like a child waiting for Christmas
  • Our longings change as we grow, but there are some soul-deep longings we all have

The Longing for Justice

  • We long for justice in our world, that’s why people cry out in the face of injustice
  • This is traced in the biblical concept of mishpat, which flows through the Old Testament

The Longing for Mercy with Justice

  • When we do injustice, we tend to cry out for mercy
  • The chasm of sin and injustice we see in the world traces its way to our own souls

Where Do These Longings Come From?

  • Childish fantasies to be put aside?
  • Cultural constructs on the ‘blank slate’?
  • Written into our soul by someone or something to reflect the way the world is to be?
  • Made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27)

What Is God Like?

  • A God of justice
  • A God of mercy

The Servant of God

  • The chosen people and the chosen person

What the Servant Will Not Do:

  • Shout
  • Break
  • Snuff out

What the Servant Will Do:

  • Bring justice to the nations with mercy
  • Proclaim truth


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