||40days|| week five: follow

With all the talk in social media about how many followers you have, it is easy to lose sight of what it really means to follow someone. This season of Lent, which we are marking with our ||40days|| journey, is really all about following Jesus.

So this fifth week we take the next step after acknowledging, turning, and listening, to following Jesus. One of the hallmarks of Jesus’ ministry was his very simple call to people that we encounter very early in Mark’s gospel:

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. (Mark 1:17, NIV)

These days it might be easy for us to wonder what it really means to follow Jesus. After all, we cannot physically follow Him, which is a large part of what His call was all about. We cannot uproot our lives and journey physically with Him, having conversations and sharing meals. So, what does it mean to follow Jesus for us today?

One of the best ways to understand following Jesus today is to look intently at Jesus’ encounters with those who followed Him. As we see real people with real lives beginning to follow Jesus, we ourselves receive a clearer picture of what it means to follow Him in our own real lives.

At the beginning of this week, ask the Father to give you greater understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. Ask Him to shape you into a more true and faithful follower of the Lord.

One thought on “||40days|| week five: follow

  1. I love this post! Training ourselves to have a servants heart, I think, is closely what it means to follow Jesus. And then to go out and tangible serve Christians and Non-Christians alike. Thank you for this!

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