Where is the Source of Love?

ThumbnailDuring my college years, I took a trip to the mountains of Honduras to help install a gravity-fed water system in three villages. Working alongside the local people, we dug channels, laying PVC piping in long circuits from the tops of the mountains down to each village. Why did we do this? The water they were drinking was not pure. It was tainted with many contaminants which led to widespread disease and malnutrition within the children.

What we needed to do was get access to pure water for these villages. So, we went up the mountains to the source. We found a spring that flowed pure and uncontaminated. And it was from that source that pure, uncontaminated water flowed into the lives of these people.

In his letter to an early church, the Apostle John wrote these words:

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. (1 John 4:7)

Here, John reminds us that if we want to know and experience true love in our lives, we must find its source. In God, we find the source of pure, uncontaminated love. He is the source of love in this world.

So, in all of our seeking after love, we must come and drink from the source. We must drink deep of the love of God if we want to live.

[This is a continuation of this week’s theme of “Beginning to Live with Love.”]

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