Practical Ways to Put Love Into Action

ThumbnailThis past weekend at Eastbrook Church, I spoke about “Beginning to Live with Love.” Here is a list of practical suggestions I’d like to offer on how we can put love into action:

  1. Ask God to reveal a material need in the life of someone around you, and then respond by meeting that need no matter the cost.
  2. Join a small group and get to know people, both knowing their needs and sharing your resources with them.
  3. Make a meal for someone who is sick or in need in your neighborhood or church.
  4. Take some time on a daily or weekly basis on your own or with others to pray for the needs in your life, your church, your city, and the world.
  5. Take someone you know is having a tough time out to breakfast or lunch and take the time to really listen to how life is going for them. Listen more than you speak.
  6. Tutor someone with practical learning needs, either by helping with a local Neighborhood Learning Center or work with internationals, such as an International Language Center.
  7. Invest in the next generation through pouring into the lives of children or students by mentoring, tutoring, or serving with your church’s youth group.
  8. If you are a student, take the time to love your teacher or a classmate in a specific, tangible way.
  9. Consider a relationship you have with another believer that is strained – whether a marriage relationship, a parent-child relationship, a co-worker, or someone you serve with – and think of one specific thing you can do to show that person real self-giving love this week.

I’m sure you could add your own items to the list, and feel free to do so. There are limitless ways to share the love of God with others, but we need to actually get the love into practical action!

[This is a continuation of this week’s theme of “Beginning to Live with Love.”]

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