Created by Love

horizonThe Bible tells us that God created the world. If you believe the Bible contains the truth of God, such a statement is enough for you. However, if you do not believe the Bible contains the truth of God, then you may be more skeptical about such a statement.Consider with me a few things about the world in which we live and why there may be more rational and logical reasons for entertaining the idea that there is a Creator God.

Consider the various species of animals and plants that exist in our world. Now consider the wide range of environments to which those diverse species of animals and plants are fitted. The intricate diversity and simultaneous specificity shows us an expansive wonder within our world. While some may take this in itself as a rationale for a Creator God, this is not necessarily the case. Some would argue from a naturalistic perspective that the self-contained processes within creation have developed what we recognize as uniquely fitted environments and species within our world.

Now, let’s take it a step further. Consider the expanse of the universe that we have come to understand, albeit in a limited way. Consider with me that one of the rings of Saturn, known as the “F ring,” is braided as it circumscribes that planet. Consider with me the phenomenon of the supernova, which is both violently destructive and yet also incredibly beautiful to the human eye when seen through a telescope. Think for a moment with me about all the starlight that travels miles beyond mention to our eyes and, when passing through our atmosphere, develops a captivating twinkle which poets have written about for years. Consider with me that scientists agree all the stars, planets and galaxies we know of today make up less than 5 percent of the universe. The remaining 95 percent of the universe is scientifically beyond our comprehension, called dark energy and dark matter. We know there is something there, but we do not know what it is. Perhaps it is worth considering that with all the intricate complexity, both the known and the unknown, spread out through our universe that a Creative Being may stand behind this wonder of wonders.

Now consider with me that although there are all sorts of explanations for how we came to where we are as the human race, there are still many wonders of our lives that defy explanation. Consider the fact that you are reading little lines I composed and they convey certain ideas or thoughts you had not considered in this form before reading it. Is it possible that our desire to communicate derives from a Being who made us for communication because He is a communicator Himself? Consider all the wonders of the arts – stained glass, the Mona Lisa, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and more. Think over the fact that none of the arts necessarily add much to our bare survival as a species. Is it possible the reason we expend energy on the arts is that we were created by a Being who is infinitely creative in Himself? Even more, consider the wonder of loving relationships. Consider the love between spouses, children, or friends which transcend the simple need for mating and reproduction. Is it possible that the reason we long for meaningful relationships in which we give and receive love is because we were made by a Being who Himself intended us to express and receive love from Him and other beings?

Could it be that all of these untapped wonders really point to not just something more, but Someone more who created the world? I believe there are not just biblical reasons, but rational reasons for thinking there is a God who exists and created the world.

Returning to the biblical point of view, the amazing thing to consider in all of this is that God truly needs nothing; He is a non-contingent being. If He needs nothing, we would do well to ask: why, then, did God create the world?

We find the answer in three simple words found in one of the letters of the New Testament, 1 John. There, in the midst of everything else, John tells us: “God is love” (1 John 4:16). You see, the beginning of it all – all that we see and know, and even love itself – is God and His love.

[This is a continuation of this week’s theme of “Beginning to Live with Love.”]

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