Dave Ferguson at Exponential 2013

Dave Ferguson of Community Christian Church and New Thing led a main session at Exponential 2013 on how we can evaluate our movement from assimilation to a disciple making culture. Here are my notes on this session:

How do we measure our ‘success’?

What would it look like if you started counting what you really value?:
– sending people
– planting churches

Accumulating people vs. Sending & Reaching people

“We will never accomplish the mission of Jesus if we only measure butts and bucks”

“We will always work toward what we measure”

New scorecard:
– Apprentices: what we call disciples at Community Christian
– Groups on mission: those reaching out to others
– Family Tree: total attendance of all the churches you ever planted and the churches and sites they have planted
– Leadership Residents: just have one leadership resident/church planting resident per church per year

“It’s entirely possible as churches that we can be celebrating the wrong thing if we are looking at the wrong scorecard or scoreboard”

One thought on “Dave Ferguson at Exponential 2013

  1. Mission/Outreach is a fun one to figure out how to measure. There’s so much variance in the depth of relational involvement… as well as variance in the depth of restoration impact. Wish there was a way to measure the depth of outreach.

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