Andy Hawthorne at Exponential 2013

Andy Hawthorne of the Message Trust (UK) addressed Exponential 2013 on the biblical move from Attraction to Deployment. He was a fiery speaker with a challenging message. Here are my notes:

Matthew 10

We need to crack the balance between the big vision and the little bit poured into the broken

Matthew 9:36f – Jesus had compassion on the crowds; he ministered to them; he gave authority to His followers

4 stage process that the Master and disciples went through to move toward multiplication:
1. See – seeing the crowds with need; God is dreaming new ways to reach communities; we need to ask him to shows us these things; what if we get to the end before The Lord and we said to Him about the needs around us: “I didn’t see it”
2. Feel – Jesus had compassion; it struck Him in the belly – in the gut; we need to get God’s compassion and love within us
3. Pray – “ask The Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest fields”; we need to pray; we need workers thrust out into the fields for work but it comes through prayer; I think that perhaps the greatest thing that could come out of this conference would be for leaders to have a greater passion for prayer
4. Get – get some authority from Jesus for mission and deployment; “this job is too big for well-trained, well-resourced leaders, it takes Jesus”
5. Go – all of them went out, including Peter (denier), Thomas (doubter), Judas (betrayer); “what does your budget say about going after the lost?”; faith comes through hearing – has everybody in this area heard the gospel communicated in a relevant way?; go to the poor and needy

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