Bill Easum on Mobilizing the Church

One of the workshops I attended at Exponential 2013 was led by Bill Easum of 21st Century Strategies. Bill offered a wide range of insights in his seminar, but I will simply share some of the thoughts I wrote down about mobilizing the church. Here are my notes:

Mobilizing the Congregation:
– this is not dialing for people to fill slots in a church
– this is focused on ministry not committees
– this is moving from 20% doing 80% of the work to 80% of the people involved in ministry
– what has to be in place for this to happen?

“Don’t ask staff to do ministry; ask them to equip people for ministry.”

Requirements for Mobilization:
– Staff must function as scouts and coaches rather than doers of programs or spiritual hit people; they are equippers
– The congregation must allow its pastor and staff to do what God has called them to do (Ephesians 4)
– every person must follow a leadership pathway: visitor/member -> apprentice -> leader -> leader of leaders -> lead pastor
“Each one, reach one; each one, teach one”

Six Systems Are Required:
– Identifying those who are ready
– Recruiting those who are willing
– Discerning those who are open to coaching
– Equipping those who commit the time
– Deploying those who finish the race
– Coaching them along in their ministry

Five Mental Shifts Are Required:
– From ‘what must I do?’ to ‘who can I mentor?’
– Not ‘what can you do for us?’ but ‘how can we assist you?’
– Not volunteers but unpaid servants
– Not nominated but called
– Matching people to their gifts, not just a need

2 thoughts on “Bill Easum on Mobilizing the Church

  1. Matt, your brain must be bursting. In the end it is a question of “How can I implement all of these ideas?” As usual you begin with a few who are willing and recognize that when things get difficult many will back out of the struggle. As long as you recognize that it is God who will provide the increase you will go forward with resolve. Jesus was in the same boat as you are.


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