Is There a God Who Hears Us? (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend entitled “Is There a God Who Hears Us?” from our series, “Expecting a Miracle.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. In a few sentences, how would you express to a friend or family member who doesn’t go to church exactly who God is?
  2. During the month of December at Eastbrook we are preparing for the arrival of Christmas in the season known as Advent. Advent literally means “appearing” and is a four-week period of preparing ourselves for the true meaning of Christmas. This year, we are tracing the journey of the Israelites from captivity to freedom found in Exodus. This weekend we are looking at what it means that God hears us. We will look at a variety of Scripture passages, but let’s begin by reading Exodus 2:23-3:10. Before you begin your study, ask God to speak to you through the Scripture. Then, read that passage aloud.
  3. How would you describe the circumstances of the Israelites from Exodus 2:23-24? How did the Israelites come to be in this situation? If you are unsure, take a look at Exodus 1:6-14.
  4. As you look at Exodus 2:24-25 and 3:7-10, what do you learn about God from His response to the Israelites’ circumstances and situation?
  5. What do you think are peoples’ biggest difficulties with believing God hears them or is aware of their situation? What are your biggest difficulties with believing God hear you or is aware of your situation?
  6. Moses and the Israelites dealt with difficulties even when it was clear God was listening to them (see Exodus 5). Even so, Moses returned to listen to God (see Exodus 6). How did God reinforce and add to His message when He spoke to Moses in Exodus 6:1-8?
  7. The Israelites’ response to Moses’ message initially was simple and straightforward: “they bowed down and worshiped” (Exodus 4:31). How will you respond to the truth that God is a God who hears us? If you are alone, take some time to reflect on this, perhaps by writing some thoughts down. If you are with a group, discuss this together. Close in prayer.

[Next week: We continue our series “Expecting a Miracle” by looking at the challenges Moses and the Israelites faced. Prepare ahead of time by reading Exodus, chapters 5-12.]

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