Expecting a Miracle

Expecting a Miracle 2

This coming weekend at Eastbrook Church, we begin a new series entitled “Expecting a Miracle.” We will bring together the journey of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt and the longing for the Messiah to come we usually celebrate during the season of Advent. When God sent Moses as a deliverer for the people of Israel enslaved in Egypt, they were waiting for a miracle. They were calling out for hope and change in their lives and circumstances. That isn’t all that different from the state of the world when Jesus the Messiah arrived to earth. This series will look at the Exodus in parallel to Jesus’ birth. It is the second part of our series on Exodus, which began in August with a series entitled “The Name.”

November 30/December 1 – Is There a God Who Hears Us? – Speaker: Matt Erickson
Text: Exodus 2:23-24; 4:29-31; 5:1
Summary:  A look at the setting of the Israelite people: their slavery, their call for help, their need for deliverance. Sometimes our circumstances and challenges may lead us to feel that God isn’t really listening to us or aware of our situation. While this is not really the case, we need to deal with these challenges in order to grow through it toward the miracle God has for us. 

December 7/8 – When You Face a Mountain – Speaker: Matt Erickson
Text: Exodus 5:1-11:10
Summary: A look at the opposition from Pharaoh and the Egyptians. We all face opposition in our lives. Many times that opposition comes in the form of people. The Israelites encountered this in a strong and forceful way from Pharaoh. What did they face? How did they deal with it? How can we learn from them to look for God and His miracle-works in the face of opposition?

December 14/15 – Wonder Working God – Speaker: Matt Erickson
Text: Exodus 5:1-11:10
Summary: A look at the wonders of God seen in the plagues and miracles within Egypt. God is a God of miracles. If we want to look to God for miracle-works in our lives, we need to understand the sort of God that we are dealing with. This will explore the character of God, with special attention to His power and abilities to bring deliverance in our lives and our world.

December 21/22 – Set Me Free – Speaker: Matt Erickson
Text: Exodus 12-15
Summary: A look at the Exodus from Egypt and slavery for God’s people with the celebration of freedom by God’s hand.  The people of Israel were longing for freedom and deliverance from slavery in Egypt. They called out to God and God answered. We all long for freedom in our lives. What does it look like for us to find freedom in God through Jesus Christ?

One thought on “Expecting a Miracle

  1. Thanks for this message!! It is just what I needed to read as I am trying to support my daughter who is going through personal challenges, and challenges in her marriage!

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