Set Me Free (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend entitled “Set Me Free” from our series, “Expecting a Miracle.”

Discussion Questions:

1. When was a time that you experienced God’s gracious hand of deliverance or provision in your life?

2. After the series of escalating miraculous events, Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go from their enslavement in Egypt. This weekend, we are talking about the miracle of that freedom at the Exodus but also as we draw near to our celebration of Jesus’ birth. In order to grasp the entire scope of the story, read Exodus 12:31-15:21. Before you begin your study, ask God to speak to you through the Scripture.

3. Describe in your own words what the first steps to freedom were like as recorded in Exodus 12:31-42.

4. In the midst of this departure, God speaks through Moses to the people about the Passover meal (12:43-51) and setting apart the firstborn (13:1-16). Why are these two actions both relevant and important to what is happening with their freedom?

5. The crossing of the Red Sea is a much-depicted episode in the Old Testament. What are your key observations from reading Exodus 13:17-14:31? What happened? What did Pharaoh and the Egyptians do? How did Moses respond? How did the people respond? How is God at work in these events? What surprises you about this section of Scripture?

6. Now read through either John 1:1-31 or Luke 2:1-40. Step back for a moment, and reflect on this question: how does the birth of Jesus parallel the events of the exodus? What do you think it means that Jesus is the Passover Lamb, as John the Baptist suggests in John 1:31?

7. In Exodus 15:1-21, the Israelites take time to worship and praise God for all that He has done. Whether on your own or in a group, take some time to thank and praise God for who He is and what He has done. You may want to use the words of Exodus 15 as part of that time. You may want to simple speak out words of thanks and praise to God. “O come,let us adore Him.”

8. Consider one or two people who you might invite to the Christmas Eve services at Eastbrook as one step in an ongoing conversation with them about God.

[Next week: We will take some time to talk about the word of God from John 1:1-14 Prepare ahead of time by reading that passage.]

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