Vision Weekend (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my vision weekend message from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church. Some of these questions are very specific to our church, but whether you attend Eastbrook or not, I think you will be challenged to think about where you are heading with God this year.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is your aim or vision for life?
  2. This weekend at Eastbrook we are talking about our vision for the year ahead. There are a lot of Scripture passages which we will look study, but it all begins with our vision of Jesus. Read Colossians 1:18-23 aloud after you have asked God to speak to you through this study.
  3. Colossians 1:18-20 provides one of the most powerful descriptions of Jesus within Paul’s letters. Take a few moments to list the descriptions of Jesus found in these verses. Based on these descriptions, what do we know about who Jesus is and His role in the universe and church?
  4. Moving from these words about Jesus, Paul goes on in Colossians 1:21-23 to describe what Jesus has done for us. Put into your own words what Paul is saying about Jesus’ actions for us.
  5. The vision of Jesus moves us toward having a specific vision for our particular church. We often talk about our vision at Eastbrook Church as living at the intersection between the Great Commandment (Mark 12:29-31) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Read those two passages aloud. What does it mean to you to live at the intersection of these two great statements of Jesus?
  6. This weekend, Pastor Matt talked about our vision and the six priorities we are working on as a church (see the sermon outline). He also mentioned going “deep” and “wide” with our faith. What is one thing God is speaking to you about these things for the year ahead? If you are alone, write it down. If you are with a small group, discuss these things with one another.

 [Next week we begin our series “Faith Life” following the life of Abraham in Genesis. To get a jumpstart on this series, consider reading Genesis 11:27-25:11.]

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