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My message this past weekend at Eastbrook was in part a celebration of God’s grace interwoven into the midst of our lives, including our failure.

I want to encourage you to respond to this theme by reflecting on how God has been faithful in your life, and to celebrate that by writing it down or sharing it with someone.

Every follower of Jesus has a story. Some stories appear more dramatic and sudden, while others appear more basic and gradual. Regardless of appearances, the truth is that every one of us has a meaningful and important story of our life with God. That story is uniquely yours, and writing it down or sharing it will affirm the work of God in your life and often lead others to ask questions about God’s Story!

If you have never written down your God Story, take out a piece of paper and organize your story under the three headings: “My Life Before Christ”, “Encountering Christ”, and “My Life Since Meeting Christ.”

You could also share your God Story with others by completing the online form

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