Sunday prayer 2

we pile up the stones of remembrance
before You as our altar of worship

we grab ahold of the miracles You have done
we place our hands on them
and remember all Your wondrous grace
in our lives

thank You for the weight of Your goodness
which is the foundation of our lives
thank You for the texture of Your love
which gives artistry and rhythm to our lives

we step back and behold the wonders:
stone upon stone,
grace upon grace
the pile stands higher
than we could grasp
or even than we remembered

we give You thanks, Lord,
for all You have done
and for who You are
we will remember
Your glorious deeds

[This is part of a series of prayers for Sunday worship preparation that begins here.]

One thought on “Sunday prayer 2

  1. It’s so amazing how He protects us with His angels, and heals us, especially when others in the community disagrees or puts you in a emotional uproar. I’m learning to be emotionally mature like David, and Danial especially this season. It’s best to do right and say the right stuff than living well. Joshua did with courageous faith! It’s a miracle how God protected Him because He was right.

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