Sunday Prayer 16

our city has been on fire
and the nights fly by with stones thrown
back and forth.

Deep fissures reveal subterranean angst
and the lava of pain erupts forth.
We confess that we have pressed down pain
into stony ground and hardened hearts.

Only You can replace the heart of stone
with a heart of flesh.
Only You can replace a broken spirit
with the Holy Spirit in refreshed souls.

Lord, have Your way in Your people
in the city of Milwaukee
to awaken us for Your purposes
and for Your glory in this place.

Lord, have Your way in this city
so the goodness and greatness of God
is evident in the streets and alleyways
Where people are full of sadness and pain
bring Your kingdom and righteousness here.

[This is part of a series of prayers for Sunday worship preparation that begins here.]

4 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer 16

  1. Thank you, Lord for opening our eyes to see the pain and our hearts to your help in our times of need. We can’t do any good thing without Your Holy Spirit! Amen.

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