The Distance Between Two

What a long way it is between knowing God and loving him! – Blaise Pascal, Pensees, 377.

It is easier to talk about God than to talk to God.

It is easier to sense awe or delight in the created things – a sunrise, the face of a lover, the rugged mountain ranges – than it is to sense awe or delight in God. No matter the wranglings of theologians or philosophers, we are all still chained to sense perception at one level or another.

It is easier to know what is right and good than to consistently enact what is right and good. The difficulty only increases as life continues and we experience the challenges of daily life circumstances.

It is easier to succumb to temptation than it is to resist temptation. Why is this?

It is easy to love those like us and suspect those unlike us. It is hard to love, but difference increases the difficulty.

When wronged, it is easier to become angry than to resist anger. It becomes easier to forgiven when a wrong is readily admitted by the other. It is easy to become bitter when the wrong is ignored or trivialized. Time does not heal all wounds.

It is never easy to forgive. Forgiveness means letting go of certain elements of justice. “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” The Cross becomes the key to forgiveness because God Himself chooses forgiveness in the face of His capacity for undiluted justice.

The invisible, faceless God is hard to know. The visible, incarnate God is life and love.

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