From Confusion to Understanding (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message, “From Confusion to Understanding,” from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church. This is the second part of our series “The Kingdom Life.” The text for this week is from Luke 24:13-35.

Discussion Questions:

  1. When did you have a spiritual breakthrough in your life of understanding who Jesus was? What happened?
  2. This weekend we continue “The Kingdom Life” series by looking at Luke 24:13-35. Begin your study in prayer and then read that passage aloud.
  3. How would you describe the situation of the two men traveling to Emmaus from Jerusalem (24:13-18)?
  4. How does Jesus engage in conversation with them (24:17, 19)? Why might this be important?
  5. What stands out to you about their summary of the situation of recent days (24:19-24)?
  6. Have you ever experienced doubt, grief, or confusion that lead you to question God’s work in your life? How did you deal with that?
  7. Jesus’ teaching takes them through the entire Hebrew Bible (‘Moses and all the Prophets’ was used as a summary term for all the Bible). Take a moment to reflect on passages from the Bible that draw attention to Jesus:
  • Genesis 49:8-12
  • Deuteronomy 18:14-22
  • 2 Samuel 7:11-16
  • Psalm 118
  • Isaiah 7:14
  • Isaiah 53:1-12
  • Zechariah 9:9-17
  • Daniel 7:13-14
  1. Jesus agrees to stay with these two disciples for a meal, but things change drastically in this situation. What happens?
  2. Recognition is an important theme in this passage, both in 24:16 and 24:31. What do you think the purposes of God were in delaying the recognition of Jesus here?
  3. What is one way that God is speaking to you personally through this study? If you’re on your own, write it down and share it with someone later. If you are with a small group, discuss this together.

Daily Reading Plan

To encourage us together in our growth with God, we arranged a weekday reading plan through this series. As you read each day, ask God to speak to you from His word.

Monday, Apr 24        Luke 24:13-35
Tuesday, Apr 25        Mark 16:1-14
Wednesday, Apr 26  John 20:10-18
Thursday, Apr 27      Luke 24:36-43
Friday, Apr 28            John 20:19-23

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