Caught [Life of Joseph, part 2]

I continued our series “The Life of Joseph: God’s Sovereignty in Our Suffering“this past weekend at Eastbrook Church by looking at Joseph’s temptation in Genesis 39.  Here, Joseph finds God’s present with him and even blessing him in suffering. Then, when things seem to be heading in a positive direction, he is caught in the webs of manipulation by Potiphar’s wife, ending up in prison.

You can view the message and sermon outline below. You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast. Also, join in with our daily devotional that accompanies this series during Lent.

Joseph Caught by Potiphar (39:1-6a)

From slavery to honored service

From humiliation to exaltation

Joseph’s exaltation


Joseph Caught by Potiphar’s Wife (39:6-12)

Situational temptation

Intentional temptation

An aside on dealing with temptation


Joseph Caught in Unjust Accusation (39:13-20a)

The accusation of Potiphar’s wife

The judgment of Potiphar


Joseph Caught by the Lord (39:2, 5, 21, 23)

The Lord was with him (vss 2 & 21)

The Lord gave him success in everything he did (vss 5 & 23)

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