Open Wounds [Life of Joseph, part 4]

After returning from international travels this past week, I returned to Eastbrook to continue our series “The Life of Joseph: God’s Sovereignty in Our Suffering.” This weekend we explored Genesis 42-44, with special attention to the transformation that occurs in Joseph’s brothers, particularly in Judah.  My goal in this message was to open up the ways in which the pathway to healing often involves stepping into painful places to catalyze growth. I outlined three cuts – or steps – into difficulty that we see helps restore relationship and ignite spiritual growth in these chapters.

You can view the message and sermon outline below. You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast. Also, join in with our daily devotional that accompanies this series during Lent.


First Cut: Recognizing Wrong Ways (42:1-38)

The first journey to Egypt and bowing to the ground (42:5-6)

Reuben and the brothers’ recognition (42:21-23)

Joseph weeps the first time (42:24)


Second Cut: Taking Ownership of Our Wrong Ways (43:1-34)

Judah’s ownership (43:8-10)

The second journey to Egypt and bowing to the ground (43:15, 26)

Joseph weeps the second time (43:30)


Third Cut: Facing Our Pain and the Pain We Have Caused (44:1-34)

Joseph’s intentional snare (44:1-13)

The return journey to Egypt and bowing to the ground (44:14-15)

Judah’s transformation and the selfless speech (44:16-34)


The Severe Mercies of God

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