Resources for Prayer

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.20.07 AM.pngWhen I was Pastor of Collegiate Ministries at Elmbrook Church, our ministry, The Ave, hosted a 24/7 week of prayer in partnership with other college ministries around the city of Milwaukee. We drew a lot of our ideas from a group based in the UK, known as 24-7 Prayer, founded by Pete Greig. They have an excellent resource page that a friend, Caitlin Ewing, shared with me and my wife, Kelly, just this past weekend (thanks, Caitlin!).

Weave prayer into the daily rhythm of your life. Whether you find prayer hard, boring or if you’re simply looking for new ideas –  this section will help you pray, every day:

SIMPLE PRAYER IDEAS – Get started with these 6 ways to pray

TAKE TIME – Go deeper in your prayer life and spend a little longer in God’s presence.

PRAYING THE LORD’S PRAYER, DAILY   Start a new rhythm of prayer using the Lord’s prayer

ANCIENT PRAYERS – Different prayer ideas from centuries past

PRAYING THE BIBLE – Simple ideas to help you pray using the Bible

BIBLE STUDIES ON PRAYER – Find out what Jesus and the early Church taught about prayer

FASTING – Find our how fasting can encourage powerful prayer

HOW TO PRAY USING A JOURNAL – How writing your prayers can help you to develop a rhythm of prayer

LEARN TO LISTEN – Helpful tips on listening to God

WHAT’S YOUR PRAYER PERSONALITY? – How each of us can use our different personalities to pray

PRAY FOR THE WORLD – How to engage with the world around you

BLESSING MUSLIMS IN PRAYER  – be equipped to pray and bless Muslims with resources from our friends at Mahabba and Frontiers.

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