Journey to the Cross 2022: beginning our Lenten journey

Join us this Wednesday, March 2, at 7 PM, in-person or via live stream for the beginning of our Lenten journey at Eastbrook Church with our annual Journey to the Cross service. Each year, we invite everyone to fast during the day and break the fast by participating in the Lord’s Supper together at this service. For more information on fasting, take a look here.

If you are planning to join us online, please pick up a packet with materials, including communion, at Eastbrook on Sunday morning, February 27, or from the Church Office 8 AM-4 PM Monday, February 28-Wednesday, March 2.

This also begins our Lenten (and beyond) devotional journey, “Scandalous Jesus,” written by the Eastbrook community that accompanies our new sermon series. You can access the devotional online, as a downloadable PDF, via the Eastbrook app, or through a limited-run of paper copies.

For more information on the importance of Lent and the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, consider reading this post: “What is Ash Wednesday and Lent?

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