A Prayer of Thanks for the Melody of Good News

“The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time, the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is forcing their way into it.” (Luke 16:16)

We heard it ringing in the air—
Your voice proclaiming, “Good news! God’s Kingdom is here!”
Our hearts rose up and our ears perked up
as this message intrigued us and spoke to us.

Castaways and over-achievers, drop-outs and all-stars,
the hungry and the overfed, the thirsty and the drunkards,
the insecure and the over-confident, the sick and the well-groomed,
the misused and the misusers, the lost and those not knowing they were lost—
all of us broken sinners, poor and needy,
we heard it ringing in our ears.

When bad news dominates and ill report abounds
what You brought to us was like a fresh melody
in chaotic discord; like a cup of fresh, cool water
in a parched land; like a three-course meal
for a starved-out prisoner with no hope.

Hope—that’s what we hear in Your invitation,
and love—a love that’s eternal and unstoppable,
and joy—a joy deeper and more buoyant than any other.

We heard it ringing in the air and in our ears,
but more, we sensed it ringing in our souls.
We sensed it so deep we felt the tickle of falling fast,
and all we could do was laugh from our bellies
and sing our own soul’s melody
as You braided it in with Your good news song.

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