“Come, Follow Me” – a prayer poem

Inspired by Matthew 4:18-25

Come, follow Me—
all you at work and at rest,
all you burdened with responsibility
all you with no sense of direction.

Come, follow Me—
all you living in another’s shadow
and all you trying to prove something,
all you who belong and all you on the outside.

Come, follow Me—
all you sick with diverse diseases
and all you who think you are well,
all you searching and all you wandering.

Come, follow Me—
all you afflicted by demons inside and outside
and all you in pain or paralyzed,
all you at ease and all in a state of dis-ease.

Come, follow Me—
all of you, regardless of your challenges or joys,
all of you, in every place you find yourselves,
each and every one of you.

Come, follow Me—
let it begin right now,
let it begin again all through the day,
let your life be shaped by following Me.

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