The God of Our Future

This weekend at Eastbrook Church, I continued our series entitled “What Is God Like?” with a message entitled “The God of Our Future.”

The sermon drew from the beautiful words found in Isaiah 65:17-66:24 about the new heavens and earth.

You can listen to my message online at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also subscribe to the Eastbrook podcast here or follow Eastbrook Church on Twitter. The outline is below:

Seeing the Future Remade (65:17-25)

  • Joy in God (65:18-19)
  • Longevity from God (65:20)
  • Security from God (65:21-22)
  • Fulfillment by God (65:23)
  • Communication with God (65:24)
  • Peace of God (65:25)

 >> Warning #1: Religion versus Responsiveness (66:1-6)

Seeing the Future Comfort (66:7-14)

  • A newborn people (66:7-9)
  • A healed mother  (66:10-12)
  • A comforting God (66:13-14)

 >> Warning #2: The End of Opposition (66:15-17)

Seeing the Future Gathering (66:18-24)

  • God’s gathering (66:18)
  • The sign and the ingathering (66:19-20)
  • Jews and Gentiles as God’s gatherers (66:20-21)
  • God’s gathering of blessing and worship (66:22-23)
  • A sober reminder (66:24)

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